The radio incident

A few days ago when I was at university, someone thought it would be “funny” to play the radio really loud over the intercom. As someone who cannot fade out noises, this completely disrupted my concentration on my work. At first I did not know what was going on. Ads were playing, I was seriously wondered what company hired a van with a horn outside to shout ads through the windows. After a few ads, there was music. By then two others in my room had established that someone funny was playing the radio loudly through the intercom. I had to get my mp3 player out or I would not have been able to work at all. Even the music on my mp3 player distracts me, I prefer to work in silence, but it’s much better than the radio with its ads, music and chatter. It did not help that the two people who were in the room besides me, talked even louder over the radio and laughed (I focussed on my work and did not respond). It’s hard enough for me to work in that room with people walking past, talking, a printer printing, a microwave bleeping, people in the room mashing on their keyboards. Let alone there being a loud radio! Gladly it was turned off a while later and wasn’t on the entire time. I was glad when I could go home. Maybe it sounds odd but the radio indident made me feel upset and frustrated. It’s yet another clear signal that I’m different and that I don’t really “belong” in this world. I’m not “normal”. I was half way home before my anger had subsided. I’m not sure how well I can explain how I felt. It might be difficult to understand, I’m not sure I understand it completely. Needless to say, the radio event took a bit of energy away from me. It was a relief to be back home, to be able to relax and be in a bit of piece and quiet.

On another note, my university work itself is going pretty well. I’ve worked a lot on my thesis and also on the simulations and code. There is still plenty more to do but progress is progress! I should post some more pictures of my simulations in a while, they’re nice to see in my opinion :).

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