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June 24, 2012

TechUnited (the Dutch team) won the RoboCup 2012!! Robots autonomously play soccer, 5 vs 5. It’s great that our team has become the world champion!


Zinderend was het, de finale. Nr 5 waar we in stonden. Bij rust 2-1 voor ons, dat voelt erg onzeker, vooral omdat Robot nr 2 was uitgevallen met wat later bleek een losse kabel. Vorig jaar in Istanboel hadden we ook al een doorgebrande versterker tijdens de finale, dat komt dan gelijk weer boven. Halverwege de rust was het probleem gevonden. Hoewel we natuurlijk al vaker hebben gewonnen van MRL, onder andere bij de finale van de Robocup Dutch Open, zijn teams altijd sterk in ontwikkeling tijdens zo een week. Door de wedstrijden tegen goede tegenstanders leer je het meest, en alle teams verbeteren zichzelf altijd. Met de zenuwen gespannen gaan we de tweede helft in… na 2 doelpunten en staan met 4-1 voorsprong op Iran (MRL). De seconden tikken weg aan het eind, en we hebben de neiging hardop af te tellen! En dan de fluit: YES!! TechUnited zich…

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Shopping with my mum

June 14, 2012

A few days ago I went shopping with my mum. We weren’t out for that long, but because I get tired easily it was enough. It was a lot of fun! Shopping can be a lot of fun to me, but it can also not be (it really depends on the situation and how tired I am). There was market, so it was a bit busier than it otherwise would have been. I’ve got some shorts (jeans), a blouse, a T-shirt and several pairs of socks. Oh and a pair of leggings for under my skirt. So I got quite a lot of the things that I needed/wanted! I went out shopping with my boyfriend about two months ago and we could barely find any shorts (especially jeans’ ones), but now (in a different place, though) there were lots of them! I tried on several and the ones that I liked the best, fit me the best! So that’s good.

My mum unfortunately couldn’t get the things she wanted, so that is a shame. She did get a pair of shoes but not any of the clothes that she needed. Hopefully she can find more next time she goes shopping.

The current fashion seems to be (around here at least), round necklines instead V-necklines. The both of us much prefer the latter. It’s happened quite a lot that I disagree with fashion, which can be quite annoying when you try to buy something that the shops just aren’t selling. Hopefully next year the fashion will include V-shaped necklines in T-shirts etc. again.

There are still a few things I would like to have, such as a new vest, but unfortunately that’s not sold in this time of year (it makes sense, though). So I’ll have to wait until the autumn I think, though I can always try (I wasn’t on the lookout for it before as it didn’t have a high priority for me). I would also like a new pair of shoes, I’ve only got one pair and it’d be nice to have black shoes to go with certain clothes moreso than my current brown shoes.

It was fun being out with my mum though, I enjoy spending time with her.

My blog!

October 3, 2011

Wow, didn’t think I had made that many blog posts, I thought I’d made just a few. I recently remembered I had this place and figured it was worth another look. I guess I felt like writing, as well. I’ve started on my master research and am stressed from time to time. I guess this leads me into wanting to write more, because it can help make me feel better. Looking back, rereading some of my old posts, made me think it’s a shame I don’t write more. Maybe I should write more. It’d be good for improving skill and practising.

So, I’ll tell you about uni now. For just over four weeks I’ve begun on my master research. At the end of it I will have to write a master thesis. I also have to give three presentations, one near the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end of the project. At the end (hopefully) I’ll have my diploma! (which is what I’m mostly doing it for).

I work at home monday-thursday in the mornings, for about four hours. On friday I go to the university. There is a work meeting I have to attend in the morning. I spend the rest of the morning working there. In the afternoon there is a colloqium I sometimes have to go to – depending on the subject of the lecture. So far I haven’t been to one yet, the subjects didn’t seem relevant to my own subject (more on that in a bit) and to be honest I have been too tired also. I’m only going to uni one day a week but after friday I feel pretty tired. Stress doesn’t help of course. In the weekend I have off and I use the weekend to recover from friday.

I do programming and perform Monte Carlo simulations. Currently of hard spheres, which at the moment I’m extending to be two spheres attached to each other. Later on I will have to make a tetrahedron unit. The spheres represent colloidal particles. A colloid is a particle of certain (small) dimensions, but not as small as nanoparticles. This is how I was taught it, looking it up on wikipedia yields something slightly different for some reasons (I have a book that says otherwise :P). With the tetrahedric unit I hope to find the MgCu2 (I think?) crystal phase.

Especially the programming part is (so far at least, but I don’t expect it to change anytime soon) something I don’t enjoy. It gives me a lot of stress and frustration (when things don’t work out). When things do work out, there is something akin to euphoria (though not always as strong). Apparently it’s part of doing research, these ups and downs. Unfortunately this is not easy for me to deal with, especially the ‘downs’, the frustrations (obviously). I kinda wish I’d known more beforehand, though not sure what I would’ve done with the information. At least though I’d have known and been more prepared for it.

I get stressed frequently, especially when things aren’t working the way I want them to. Sometimes even in the weekends I feel stressed, while I should be relaxed instead. In the afternoons during the week (when I work at home), I  can be distracted and while I’m distracted I don’t feel much stress. When the distraction is over though, I usually get stressed again. I’m not sure how to improve this, how to be less stressed. Gladly though I can talk about it, which helps a bit. I’m also sure I’ll be less stressed when my boyfriend is here.

On a whole other note: I used to write here about video games but for the past while I don’t play many video games anymore. I do read about them but I don’t play them that much anymore. They just cost too much energy, especially now that I’ve begun with my research. I find it a real shame, I still have loads of possibly awesome games to play but I’m afraid I’ll not have the energy to really play a lot of games. I also have to admit that I get frustrated, perhaps more easily these days (though I’m not sure) and thus I can’t play games that are in any way difficult. Or rather, I can try but will end up not finishing the game. I have a lot of unfinished games really, though if you look on the internet I’m not the only one. (oh, BTW I did finish Dragon Age: Origins (awesome game) and Mass Effect 2 as well (great game also).

Instead, I read a lot. Reading doesn’t cost as much energy and I do love to read. I have a lot of books and can read quite fast.

Anyway, it’d be nice to post here more often, let’s see how it goes!


October 3, 2011

Written in 2009

Sometimes I don’t feel like reading much about these certain subjects that are possibly offensive. I think it is important to find a balance, to when you do and don’t want to be subjected to certain (possibly offensive) things.

Food shopping

December 4, 2009

Mum and I did quite a bit of food shopping, I noticed prices between items can vary a lot. A lot of things are cheaper when bought in bulk (with more quantity). But, also, note to self for later: keep in mind what you already have and how much room is in the freezer.

The goal

December 4, 2009

So what do I want with this blog? For one, I will post about videogames, since lately I spend quite some time reading videogame news and articles. I read a lot of books too (always have since I could read I guess). So I would like to write about certain videogames that interest me, or about things in the news that I find remarkable, or annoying, etc. I’ll also be writing about things from university, possibly books I’ve read (but then again, I can’t give any spoilers just in case), I guess generally stuff that I feel like writing about. Because my brain can’t very well handle too much sounds simulateously, I’ll probably write about this as well because it’s important to me. Another thing that irks me is when women and men are unfairly treated (ie, in videogames), I plan to write about such things too. This blog will hopefully help me practise my writing. For years I’ve been planning to write a book but the past years I haven’t done a lot about it, I’ve changed the concept somewhat though. I may still write it some time, we’ll have to see I guess.

Hello world!

December 3, 2009

I decided to go ahead and start a blog. I used to have one but I quit it for reasons I won’t go into. This blog is gonna be a little different than that and I don’t know yet where it’s going to lead or how often I’ll post. To be honest, I’m doing this more for myself than any audience in particular. I don’t have as many contacts as I used to so it’s definately not anything like that. Anyhow.. I had to edit the first test post.. let’s see how it works out. If you’re reading this, welcome to my blog! After I’ve tweaked some more settings I’ll write an introductionary post of some sort (edit: which I’ll post on the about page).