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Shopping with my mum

June 14, 2012

A few days ago I went shopping with my mum. We weren’t out for that long, but because I get tired easily it was enough. It was a lot of fun! Shopping can be a lot of fun to me, but it can also not be (it really depends on the situation and how tired I am). There was market, so it was a bit busier than it otherwise would have been. I’ve got some shorts (jeans), a blouse, a T-shirt and several pairs of socks. Oh and a pair of leggings for under my skirt. So I got quite a lot of the things that I needed/wanted! I went out shopping with my boyfriend about two months ago and we could barely find any shorts (especially jeans’ ones), but now (in a different place, though) there were lots of them! I tried on several and the ones that I liked the best, fit me the best! So that’s good.

My mum unfortunately couldn’t get the things she wanted, so that is a shame. She did get a pair of shoes but not any of the clothes that she needed. Hopefully she can find more next time she goes shopping.

The current fashion seems to be (around here at least), round necklines instead V-necklines. The both of us much prefer the latter. It’s happened quite a lot that I disagree with fashion, which can be quite annoying when you try to buy something that the shops just aren’t selling. Hopefully next year the fashion will include V-shaped necklines in T-shirts etc. again.

There are still a few things I would like to have, such as a new vest, but unfortunately that’s not sold in this time of year (it makes sense, though). So I’ll have to wait until the autumn I think, though I can always try (I wasn’t on the lookout for it before as it didn’t have a high priority for me). I would also like a new pair of shoes, I’ve only got one pair and it’d be nice to have black shoes to go with certain clothes moreso than my current brown shoes.

It was fun being out with my mum though, I enjoy spending time with her.