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My reading style

June 18, 2012

I thought I’d take some time and tell you about my ‘reading style’. Generally I like to read the following genres: fantasy, science-fiction, fiction, literature, non-fiction, horror, thriller, other (not necessarily in that order, though the first three are my favourites). The genre that I have the most books of, is fantasy. I have quite a lot fiction books too. I have some science-fiction books (sci-fi as I call it), some literary books, a few non-fiction books, a few more thrillers and a few horror books.

The past while the way I read books is generally that I read one that is one genre, then read a book of another genre, and so on. What I mostly read is fiction, with some sci-fi or fantasy in between. Because fantasy books are often part of a series, I don’t read them as often anymore either (also felt less like it). I don’t want to read too many series at once, because that gets confusing. So I’m in ‘the middle’ of a few series, but don’t want to start any new ones yet until I’ve read more of other ones. I haven’t read that much of my non-fiction books yet (I only have a few, though), nor of my literature books (that might change soon though). I rarely read any thrillers and horror anymore, it just doesn’t pull me as much (and I don’t have that many books of it). What also counts is that most of the thrillers I have are translated into Dutch and I rarely read any Dutch books anymore. In fact it has been a while since I’ve read a Dutch book. That might sound strange for a Dutch person, but I prefer to read books in English if they are originally English. An other thing that is somewhat important, is that some books I have are quite heavy or an omnibus or combined books (thus making them extra big or heavy), this is not handy for when I travel so I tend to read lighter paperbacks.

When I was a child, I used to go to the library, first with my family, eventually on my own. We even had to go to two different libraries to have enough books for me to read! I’ve read quite a lot of the children’s books they had at those libraries. I also read information books as I call them, about lots of different subjects. These days I don’t go to the library anymore (they haven’t got that many English books, and I’ve read quite a few books at the library), these days I prefer to buy the books I find interesting and keep them. Very rarely I don’t like the book I bought, most of the time I like it a lot. I don’t read a lot of information books anymore. There is of course the books for my study (chemistry, physics, maths books), and other than that I do have a general knowledge of most topic (at least those that interest me), specifically because I read a lot in the past. But these days it’s hard to find a book that’s exactly on my level, because I know so much it’s difficult to find one that I can understand easily (shouldn’t be too difficult) and that contains new information (it shouldn’t be too easy). Also it costs energy to learn new things, and I’m usually too tired for that, my study is enough.

Hopefully in a while I will (have) read more of the genres that I don’t read much of these days, because I do love to read! (except maybe thrillers, really not that into them any more, strange isn’t it). In a next post I will tell you about some of my favourite books and authors!